Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Institut 5S Pertama adalah di India

Mumbai based institute, 5S, a Japanese Workplace Philosophy, is keen on promoting this unique management concept in Jharkhand. H K Varma, the director of the institute hail from Ranchi, in a seminar on Sunday, 09 September, told that he has a special liking for this state. The seminar organized by the institute in a loca hotel, Arya, was attend by prominent industrialist, businessmen, professionals and retired bureaucrats of the city.

As per the director Varma, the 5S Institute is India’s (and the world’s) first and only institute for the dissemination of dedicated training on 5S, a Japanese Workplace Philosophy that has been creating a revolution in effectiveness and efficiency. While, conceptually, 5S is old hat, its systematic and earnest implementation by numerous progressive Indian Industrial houses in the recent years has led to dramatic improvements in their results.

Some of the major practitioners of 5S in India include the Aditya Birla, TVS and Tata Groups, and various others. 5S Institute is currently working with a vast range of organisations from Engineering, Chemical, Ceramic Tiles, Steel, Hospital, and even a major High Court!

5S is the first step taken, in varying degrees, in all Workplace Improvement initiatives like TQM, TPM, Kaizen, JIT & Six Sigma. Applicable to all business, commercial and service activities like industry, banks, hospitals, hotels, government and commercial offices, transport and airlines companies, 5S impacts the entire working of an organization as under:
Concept of 5S

Some of the early and major practitioners of 5S in India are Indo-Gulf Fertilisers (as far back as 1995-96), Classic Stripes, Tata Motors, Sundaram Fasteners and the latest entrant ICICI Bank, which has achieved tremendous benefits in cost and improvement in customer response times entirely due to its massive 5S effort over 12 months of rigorous implementation.

Institute enlists the major benefits of 5S implementation are:
- Significant freeing of work space for productive work
- Major reduction in search time of documents and other items (A 5S office is expected to retrieve any document in less than a minute!)
- As a result of the above, much faster response times to Customer Requests,
- Reduction in loss due to damage and misplacement of goods in storage.
- Reduction in consumption of consumables.
- Reduction in number and duration of machine breakdowns.
- Reduction in material handling damages.
- Significant reduction in “search time on the shop floor” be it for tools, equipment, components or even drawings and documents.
- Visible and distinctive improvement in House keeping.
- Generation of a much “safer” and more “hygienic” working environment.
- Tremendous improvement in morale of the entire workforce and a healthy build – up of “pride” in one’s work-place

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