Sunday, February 28, 2010

5S mengilhamkan Satu Profession Baru

Di Amerika,Kanada, Australia dan New Zealand 5S telah menjadi satu profession.Profession berteraskan 5S itu ditokok tambah sikit dengan time management dll. Silalah baca:-
Pakar 5S yang beroperasi di Los Angeles dan New York melalui webnya telah mempromosikan 'The 15 Minute Workout':-

The 15 Minute Workout:
For Your Office Space- the Desk

Just because your desk might frighten you (or anyone else for that matter), doesn’t mean you have to take all day to organize it. Get started and make it workout

Step One – Analysis 5minutes

What's not working and why
Is your desk where you want it to be? ….if not move it.
Do you have room on the top of your desk to work?
What systems should be in place to keep the surface clear?
Is my file drawer full of files, or is it a dumping ground for stuff?
Do I have everything around me that I need?
Is there a home for everything?

Step Two – Create a plan of attack 5 minutes

The top of the desk
Should be clear of clutter – the Bronco bobble-head; the paperweight from Hawaii, the promotional coffee mug; magazines; phone chargers
Should be for those projects you work on daily
The drawers of the desk
Are all different sizes – pencil drawers/paper drawers/file drawers – use them appropriately
Are for those projects you work on weekly
Around your desk
Remember – the floor is not an option.
Use the file cabinets, the bookcases, the shelving for those projects you work on monthly
Archive or toss the rest.

Step Three – make it happen – Do It 5 minutes

Attack what you see first - the top of your desk
Collect like items (scissors with scissors, bills with bills, coupons with coupons), and papers that belong together – sort and purge and categorize - keep, toss, donate, file, create in binders
Use stackable trays or vertical files to keep papers organized on your desk
Place pencils, paper clips, scissors, etc. in the pencil drawer – off the top of your desk
Continue (you may need several 5 minute “do it” sessions) until the top of your desk is cleared and ready for your daily projects.

Schedule as many 5 minute sessions as you need to complete:
Empty one drawer at a time. Sort/ purge/ measure and purchase drawer dividers to hold what you have……pencils, pads of paper, paper clips, stamps, etc. Clear the desk file drawer. Assign a place for everything, and put everything back in its place. It's a great habit to develop and a way to keep up with a desk that works for you. Prepare for your next 15 minute workout, “Creating a Filing System” for your weekly projects. (Tune in for this next 15 Minute Workout)

This 3 step 15 minute workout can help you work efficiently and feel productive. Feel good, stay healthy.

TIP: Don’t forget, if it takes 15 minutes or less…..try to do it now!

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