Monday, February 22, 2010

5 Langkah Menjayakan 5S dari Prof. Sam Ho - The 5S Guru

How to Implement the 5-S?

5-S implementation requires commitment from both the top management and everyone in the organisation. It is also important to have a 5-S Champion to lead the whole organisation towards 5-S implementation step-by-step. If you decide to be the 5-S Champion of your organisation, the following steps will help you to achieve success.

Step 1: Get Top Management Commitment and be Prepared

You have to sell the idea of the 5-S to the most senior executive of your organisation. Moreover, and like any other quality programme, it is no good to get just his lip-service. He needs to be 100% committed; not just in announcing the start of the 5-S practice in the promoting campaign, but committed to give resources for training and improvements. Then you need to get prepared yourself.

In promoting the 5-S activities, the important thing is to do them one at a time and to do each thoroughly. Even the little things have to be taken seriously if they are to make any meaningful impact. This process can be stratified as follows:

Make a decision and implement it (e.g., the decision to get rid of everything you do not need, the decision to have a major housecleaning, and the decision to have 5-minute clean-up periods).
Make tools and use them (e.g., special shelves and stands for things, instructional labels, and placement figures).
Do things that demand improvements as prerequisites (e.g., covers to prevent filings from scattering and measures to prevent leakage).
Do things that require help from other departments (e.g., fixing defective machinery, changing the layout, and preventing oil leakage).

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