Thursday, March 18, 2010

You don't have to be born organized to be organized

Anyone who thoroughly enjoys their home knows there are just three basic ideas behind being organized and living a more simplified life at home... (1) taking control of "stuff" before it becomes clutter...(2) having specific steps in place to maintain order on a daily basis...and (3) knowing how to get the most out of existing space to create proper storage and always have a designated place for everything.

Now the problem is some people jump from room to room, project to project trying to "wing-it" and think they can organize an entire house in 23 minutes like they do on tv...but quickly become discouraged and give up without making a dent.

Other people simply stuff their drawers and closets, looking for more and more storage so they can hide more junk.

Still others spend their days waiting to be motivated, waiting for the "right time" to get started, wondering if there's a magic potion to make it all disappear before their very eyes.

Well guess what? Those who are organized know there are rules to keeping clutter out of their homes. They understand there are simple, practical steps you need to take to maintain more

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