Monday, March 8, 2010

Daily Example Of 5S

The use of 5S can be easily found in our daily life. In fact, many of us already practiced 5S without noticing. The author of this page has collected many actual examples from our dialy life (e.g., from kitchen, basement, garage, shopping center, class room, etc.). Here are just a few actual examples:

1)Use Tools Organizer to Organize Tools.
Example of Seiton and Visual Control

Tools organizer helps to organize the small tools. It can eliminate the need of searching for tools when needed. It can also prevent tools from wearing out and rusty.

2)Use Dish Organizer to Organize Dishes.
Example of Seiton

Dish organizer helps to organize all kinds of dishes. It allows users to quickly access the needed dish, saves spaces, and prevents dishes from cracking or broken.

3)Use Table set Organizer to Organize spoons, etc..
Example of Seiton

Using table set organizer to organize all kinds of table sets such as knife, spoons, chopsticks, pork, etc. It allows users to quickly find the table sets that are need, saves spaces, and prevents us from possible accidents.

4)Use CD Organizer to Organize CD.
Example of Seiton and Seiketsu

Using CD organizer to organize CDs so as to save desk spaces.
The organizer with door can prevent dusts from accumulating.

5)Hang Hand Towel Close to the Sink.
Example of Seiton and Visual Control

Locatung hand towel and soap closer to the sink for easily access and preventing water from spreading.

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