Saturday, March 13, 2010

Buku 5S Oleh Sunny di Sedona Arizona

How To Be Organized in Spite of Yourself
Not the organized type? You’re not doomed to a life of mismatched socks, missed appointments and missing file folders. Sunny identifies your personal organizational style and fits a program to your innate preferences, rather than making you fit yourself into the program. Whether you’re a “Pack Rat,” “Perfectionist Plus,” “Hopper,” “Cliff Hanger,” or a “Total Slob” – you’ll find the system that suits your needs and simplifies your life…on your terms.

Organizing for the Spirit
There is no such thing as clutter. Everything in your life is connected. But if your time and space are taken up with details that don’t support you in who you are today, your spirit may feel stifled and dusty. Understanding the connections between what you do, what you’ve saved and what you want out of life will propel you on an amazing journey of discovery and personal development, through the transformational skill of organization.

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