Monday, September 6, 2010

How to 5s Your Garage

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•SORT: This is the first step in the 5s process. The idea here is to take everything out of your garage down to the bare floor and walls. Move everything into an area such as the driveway where you can easily walk around and look at each item. Take things out of boxes so that you can see what in them. Now that you have done this decide on what you need to go back in. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven't used it in 2 years, get rid of it.

SET IN ORDER: When deciding where to put things back you are keeping, keep in mind that some things are used more than others. If a broom is used everyday it must be more accessible than a crow bar. In other words, make a cleaning supply rack or cabinet that is easier to get to than where you keep the crow bar. First in first out is the key here.

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