Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Book by Takashi Osada - Founder of the 5S concept for industry use

I was surprised to know that there is a book entitled The 5S's - Five Keys to a Total Quality Environment already exist in our Ministry Of NRE library since 1996. Thank you Mr. Nabil the librarian for introducing me to this one of 5S Japanese Guru book in which I am still reading it.

Book Summary of The 5S's: Five Keys To A Total Quality Environment
Contents :
1. The 5S's Revolution
2. What a Difference the 5S's Make
3. Meaning and Purposes of the 5S's
4. Seiri=Organization
5. Seiton=Neatness
6. Seiso=Cleaning
7. Seiketsu=Standardization
8. Shitsuke=Discipline
9. The 5S's in the Office: The Office as a Paperwork Factory
10. Getting the Most Out of the 5S's

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