Thursday, August 19, 2010

Examples of the uses of 5S in the business context.

The 5S methodology has been adopted into a variety of organizations from small business to Fortune 500 companies. All implement the 5S's in the hope to improve productivity and performance. Peterson, Jim & Smith, Roland give examples[4] of the uses of 5S in the business context. Such organizations and their achievements include:

Hewlett-Packard Support Center
•Improved levels of quality communication and information sharing
•Reduced training cycle for new employees
•Reduced call backs
•Reduced call time per customer
Boise Cascade
•Reduced stored parts inventory at one facility by $300,000
•Incident rate divisionwide reduced by 1.5%
•Reduced machine Downtime
•Office and plant space made available
•Improved productivity
•Improved morale
•Increased levels of product quality
•Improved safety

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