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5S perlu diserapkan di peringkat sekolah

Usaha menerapkan 5S di peringkat sekolah-sekolah di Malaysia telah pun di buat beberapa tahun yang lalu. Namun ianya tidak dibuat secara serious dan tidak juga berterusan. Dari sedikit kajian yang sempat dibuat mendapati negara-negara seperti Thailand dan India jauh terkedepan dalam usaha menerapkan 5S di peringkat sekolah.

Berita di bawah ini adalah mengenai aktiviti 5S di India pada tahun 2003:-

School kids to be taught `5S' mantra
Our Bureau
Hyderbad , Aug. 27

CATCHING them young, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has decided to expose the school children with the Japanese mantra of `5S' - Seiri (sorting out), Seiton (systematic arrangement), Seiso (spic and span), Seiketsu (standardisation) and Shitsuke (self-discipline) - giving them a time-tested methodology to achieve workplace excellence.

"Catch-them-young principle can't just be restricted to sports. A workplace need not be a shop floor in a factory or an office in organisation. It could be a classroom in a school," Mr Satish Reddy, Chairman of CII (AP), and CEO of Dr Reddy's Laboratories, said.

Addressing a workshop on `5S' for schools here, he said the effort was part of CII's social responsibility initiatives. "Children inculcate good habits and mould their personalities at schools. It is imperative to equip them with the best management schools," he said.

Giving an overview of the `5S' concept, Mr K.S. Madhavan, Chairman of Shingo Institute of Japanese Management, said it aimed at creating orientation towards perfection. "The Japanese mantra has been used by many countries and achieved good results. We, in India, do have a lot of interest in knowledge but not so interested in its application," he said.

A 5S workplace is a work environment that is self-explaining, self-ordering, self-regulating and self-improving — where, what is supposed to happen does happen on time, every time, day or night. It envisages a collective effort in both analysing the problem and arriving at a solution.

"We tend to have two standards - one for home and the other for outside. This should change," he said. "Insensitivity to poor environment and shifting the burden of maintenance to others is a common phenomenon where as we can start working on sorting out the problems."

A number of children from about 15 major schools have participated in the workshop.


Perbincangan mengenai mengajar 5S di sekolah

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