Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5S Activity In Thailand

To develop discipline in Thai youth who are regarded the development foundation of the country in the future; PTT has chosen to promote 5S, a basic ground of quality and environment activities, in the school children. To achieve such objectives, PTT organizes several activities; for instance, the training on 5S management, the instruction on how to organize a Big Cleaning Day in addition to providing cleaning equipments, garbage bins to the schools. PTT pays a visit to participating schools and holds annual teachers seminar allowing the schools to visit PTT office. Supplementary projects related to environment have also been introduced. Organic vegetable and herb planting are some examples of the projects. These activities are planned for the school surrounding PTT’s offices around the country.

The schools which apply 5S in their daily practice in an efficient manner and won the first prize in the 5S Contest of PTT for three consecutive years, will be promoted to be “5S School Promotion Center. more

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