Saturday, June 26, 2010

Understanding Seiketsu(Standardization)- The Fourth S

A particular technique of Seiketsu is visual management. Our vision is our most complex and dominant sense, and visual management plays directly to this strength. Consider what we can see: location, distance, shape, brightness, colour, contrast. Visual management leverages all of these so that when we are looking for something it stands out. Try this: think of the color red. Now look around you and see how red things jump out at you.

While visual controls include work instructions, hazard warnings, indicators of where things are kept, equipment and tool designations, cautions and reminders, and plans and indicators of what happens when. Whenever people need reminding, a visual control should be there to help them. Labels should be use to show such as degree of precision of tools, types of chemicals and oils, when machines were last inspected (and when the next is due), temperature tolerances, responsibilities, and so on.


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