Saturday, April 17, 2010

Practical 5S Workshop In Renton Washington

The 5S's are used by a great many companies in order to establish a workplace that facilitates continuous improvement. However, many 5S programs stall in as little as 6 months. This workshop will show you the finer points of developing a successful 5S program, one that will contribute to your companies' profitability for years to come. In this (3) hour workshop, participants will learn how to setup a 5S program that will transform the workplace, and succeed for the future. The following topics are covered:

* What are the 5S's?
* Application in various workplaces (mfg, office, assembly, processing)
* Defining the 5S program
o The 5S plan
o Beginning a successful 5S implementation
* Involving workers
* Measuring success
o Elements which ensure successful implementation
o Keeping your 5S program on track
* Sustaining the 5S program for the future

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